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Auckland Militaria
Kevin Godkin

Licence Firearms Dealer
Licence Theatrical Armourer
Military Adviser


I have been a student of military history and a collector of firearms and militaria for 43 years, and I have held a New Zealand firearms licence since 1960.

I’ve been a member of New Zealand Antique Arms Association for 42 years and one of the founding members of International Military Arms Society in 1981. I was issued with my Firearms Dealers licence in 1983 then started my company “Auckland Militaria”. Opening my first shop in the heart of Auckland city for five years then moved to the suburbs.

I have one of the largest collections of US Military Firearms and Militaria in New Zealand dating from the start of the US Civil War in 1861 until the first Golf War in 1991 and I am still a very active collector of all types of militaria.

My first experience with the New Zealand film industry was when I hired firearms for the motion picture “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” in 1982. I continued to supply firearms and militaria for various movies being shot in New Zealand.

In 1990 I was invited by one of New Zealand’s founding SFX and Armoury people to work on the movie “Which Way Home”. After this I got my Theatrical Firearms Licence; this is issued by the NZ Police to allow me to blank fire weapons on movie sets.

For the next 13 years I worked on many New Zealand films and TV sets and acted as an adviser for many more. In 1998 I went to Thailand to work on the movie “A Bright Shining Lie”. After this movie I went out on my own and have worked as a full time Movie Armourer, while still running my successful Firearms and Militaria business.

When you employ me as an Armourer on your movie you get my many years of knowledge of military history and I can also call on my many contacts in the military and collecting fraternity.

I have many hundreds of firearms in my Armoury from Flintlocks to the Hi-tech weapons of the present day and access to hundreds more from other armourer’s collectors and dealers all over New Zealand.

Please check on my firearms gallery and see only some of what we can supply I have an excellent Engineer on call and he can adapt or build any special weapons you may need on your movie.