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Home Credits

Movie Credits

Which way home-US Production (Armourer)

The Ray Bradbury theatre- US Production
Multi Episodes (Armourer)

Tommy Knockers- US production (Armourer)

The Mysterious Island- British Production (Armourer)

Swiss Family Robinson- Cloud 9 Production (Armourer)

High Tide- US production
Multi Episodes (Armourer)

Taking Liberties aka The Last Tattoo
US production (Armourer)


Marlin Bay- Local Production (Armourer)
Numerous Episodes (Armourer)

Shortland Street- Local Television Drama (Armourer)

Heroes- Local Television Drama
Numerous Episodes (Armourer)

Forgotten Silver- A Peter Jackson Production
Military Advisor and Armourer

A Bright Shinning Lie- HBO Production Armourer

The Neighborhood Network- Local Production Armourer

Aberration- US production Armourer

Heaven- Local Production Armourer

The Call Up

Frontier Dreams (Northern Wars) Armourer

Frontier Dreams (Musket Wars) Armourer

Frontier Dreams (Ruapekapeka) Armourer

Are you there Padre Armourer

Stella Artios Viking Beer (SFX)

Exposed- US production Armourer

The Climb- US production Armourer

Nightmare Man- US production Armourer

Soldier Soldier- British TV production Armourer

Greenstone- Local production Armourer

Street Legal- Local Production Armourer

The Life and Times of TE TUTU- Local production Armourer

Vietnam War incident- Filmed for Television NZ Armourer

Village 10 Online (WAR)- Australian Production

Jacksons Warf- Local Production
Numerous Episodes Armourer

The Adventures of the Black Stallion

Mysterious Island
Living Films Armourer

Mr Asia- Local Production Armourer

Black Beard- Living Films Armourer

Eisenhower- US production Armourer

Von Tempsky Ghost- Local Production Armourer

Wiremu Tamihana
Docu-Drama- Local Production

Home's Show- How did he die
Local Production Armourer

Big hit in Bangkok- Living Films Armourer

Frontier of Dreams (WW1 Passion Dale) Armourer

Killing Ben Lardin- Local Production Armourer

My Talks with Dean- Spangley UK production Armourer

Helensteins The Duck Hunter Armourer

Shanghai- Living Films Armourer

The Marine 2 - WWE  Armourer

The killing of police constable Peter Umbers - TVNZ 1 Amourer

Productions I have supplied Weapons For
Gold Local TVNZ Production

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

The Frighteners

Sweetheart of the Bong Song Trial

Jack of all Trades

BBC Kidnapper